Scally's Natural Beef

"Grass-Fed the Way Nature Intended It To Be"
About Scally's Natural Beef

Ron-SandraThe Scally's, Sandra and Ron have raised beef cattle for twenty years. Having always sold our beef to the cattle auction and then seeing them sent out west to the feed lots we wanted more. We craved "home grown cattle" raised on green pastures with fresh water and no stress. We also wanted to offer this to others- then came Scally's Natural Beef.

We have 35 acre farm property that has been in our family over 100 years located on the outskirts of Mecklenburg County, NC. We have also added 53 acres of rolling hills and luscious lakes in Stanley Co. NC This vast acreage is home for our cattle. The calves are born on the Scally farm, stay with their mothers until they are 6-7 months old. Then they are placed in a separate pasture with other calves until they are old enough to be processed. They are transferred to Cruse Meat Processing in Rymer, NC a USDA approved facility near Concord, NC.

The Scally farm is fully licensed to sell beef by NC Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services.